Sick-Amour in the book Ecoart in Action

It was a joy to write an essay about Sick-Amour for the book Ecoart in Action. So exciting that the book is available now via the New Village Press!!

Author: Joel Tauber

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Wake Forest University Associate Professor.

2 thoughts on “Sick-Amour in the book Ecoart in Action”

  1. Hello Joel First off, sorry for our loss of the tree. I just found out about it and the fact that sick amour is being loved and awarded all over the world! I have a baby that I got at the T Payne nursery years ago and is planted in my courtyard in Santa Monica. It’s over 50 ft tall, happy, healthy and beautiful!
    I’m so proud and happy for all you have accomplished for this living, loving, green machine.

    1. Hi James. I’m so happy to hear that your Tree Baby is doing so well! Thank you for the kind words. And many thanks for taking such wonderful care of your Tree Baby!

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